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ISBN: 9781615724505/ 9781615724499
August 2011
Eternal Press, a division of Damnation Books, LLC
Print/ eBook
$19.50 / $6.95
214 Pages
Erotic; Paranormal
Rating: 2 Cups

All of her life, Arieanna has led a normal existence. Now that her life is just about perfect, trouble enters the picture in the form of Auron.

Auron is there to protect Arieanna as she is the last descendant of Ast’. She holds great power and is the only one who can open a book that can cause war unlike anything anyone has seen before.

Arieanna knows she is adopted, but she never expected to find out she is actually part of a legend and a mythological race. Auron wants nothing more than to protect her, humankind and the paranormal world from disaster, but his passion for Arieanna is complicating things. Will Arieanna be able to stop an all out war from coming? Can Auron and Arieanna have the relationship they both want?

Teaching Between Midnight and Dawn is an okay book. The storyline is extremely unique and holds lots of promise for that reason alone. From the beginning I felt as if I were thrown into the middle of the book and fought to stay afloat of the scenario that surrounded me. I am assuming the author deliberately misspelled certain words when Auron was talking to make sure the reader got the gist of his accent, but it was really distracting and left me frustrated. Ms. Infanté has a good concept for a plot, but it does need some work.

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