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Tatiana and Alexander Trilogy

Book 1: The Bronze Horseman
Book 2: Tatiana and Alexander
Book 3: The Summer Garden

The sequel to The Bronze Horseman
ISBN#: 9780061987465
February 2003
Avon, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers
576 pages
Rating: 4 cups

Tatiana Belov is scared and alone except for her unborn child. At only eighteen, she is widowed and running for her life in 1943 Leningrad. Her country is at war and she wants to provide a new life for her child in America, a country full of promise.

Alexander Barrington was born and raised in America until the day his parents decided that communism suited them better. At the age of fifteen, Alexander’s name was changed to Alexander Belov in order to prove his dedication to the Communist Party.

Tatiana flees her war-torn country with the help of a sailor who manages to get her to Ellis Island as a stowaway. Having contracted tuberculosis, she and her newborn son are quarantined to the hospital where she continues to believe her husband, Alexander, is alive and well. However, Alexander is fighting for his life. The Russian government says he is an American spy and they force him to lead a group of soldiers for the Soviet Union. Alexander‘s only desire is to escape the Soviet Union and return to the America that he loves. Of course, returning to America means being reunited with Tatiana.

This is a story riddled with emotion. There are highs and lows which hit the reader right where it hurts...their heart. If I learned nothing more from this book but to be grateful for the rights, freedom and liberties I have as an American, it would be enough. However, there is so much more to wring from the pages of this epic tale. The love this couple has for each other, and their fierce determination to be reunited, warms the reader to their very soul. Even in the toughest of times, they are a couple who truly shows what the power of love can do.

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