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Wolf Creek Series

Book 1 - Full Moon Mating
Book 2 - Just a Taste of Me
Book 3 - Tasty Treats Volume 3: Man to Man
Book 4 - Blood Prince
Book 5 - Love Always, Promise
Book 6 - Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf
Book 7 - Pretty Baby
Book 8 - Blood Contract

ISBN#: 1-60601-447-1
June 2009
Siren Publishing
297 Pages
Anthology EROTIC Romance Menage a Trois/Quatre
Rating: 4 Cups

Man to Man

James is a werewolf from Wolf Creek and is in the closet. While he prefers men sexually he has not exactly come out to his family or friends especially after seeing the hard time his brother Joe had when he did.

Donovan comes from a different pack and has come to help Joe, James’s brother protect his mate.

When James and Donovan meet for the first time each knows that the other is his mate, the question is what are they going to do about it? Both of them consider just ignoring it, especially since in Donovan’s case his other two brothers are gay, and their mother made it plain to him it was his responsibility to mate with a woman and have babies. In James’s case, he does not know what his parents are going to do if they find out both their sons are gay. Will they be able to ignore the deep attraction to their mate, or will they walk away?

This story is classic Stormy Glenn and is part of the Wolf Creek Pack stories. In fact, it takes place during Full Moon Mating, you just get to see things from Joe’s brother’s and Donovan’s perspective. I really love how Ms. Glenn brought these two together, and of course the incredibly decadent sex did not hurt either! Just getting to read this book made the whole anthology worth it!

Boiling Point

Lina has been pining for her boss for years. Unfortunately, he goes for the stick thin type, and Lina is the voluptuous type. So, she has settled for being single, but having a close relationship with her very best and very gay friend Zack.

Jan and Rick are over two hundred year old dragon shifters. There has been a prophecy about them that says they will find their mutual mate. However, they have pretty much given up hope of that happening.

When Jan goes to a meeting where he is supposed to be talking to Edgar, he gets Lina instead and gets the shock of his life! Discovering his and Rick’s mate was the last thing he thought would happen, but then here she is. Unfortunately, Edgar comes back before they can really talk and Jan has to figure out a way to get both him and Rick closer to their mate so they can convince her she is their mate. The next time there is a meeting both of them go so Rick can meet Lina, and sure enough he comes to the same conclusion. However, all is not as it seems and it is not long before they discover an enemy they were unaware of. If they all do not think fast, Lina could lose someone dear to her.

I enjoyed Boiling Point, although I did feel it fell a tad short of Ms. Dalton’s normal story telling style. While the sex was hot, and the emotions hotter, I would have liked to see the development of the relationship between the twins and Lina in more detail. However, all in all this was classic Tymber Dalton, and the fact is I will buy and read all of this author’s books regardless.

Swan Song

Beauty is a cop, one that polices the paranormal beings that are a part of her world. She loves her job and is able to see that not all paranormals are bad, but that the ones that are need to be stopped.

Ke’lan and E’than are swan shifters and twins though they do not look exactly alike. They are cops in their world where the shifters are kept separate from the regular humans.

When Beauty is attacked by a javalina and nearly dies, Ke’lan gives her blood and discovers that she is their mate. The only problem is that while they saved her, she will become a swan shifter too and as such will be banished from her human world. While there is a part of her that is awed by the handsome shifters, she is worried about her partner, friend and lover Caton Lee and what he will think about all this. However, she finds that bonding with the twins and shifting into a swan, are the least of her worries because there is another who has it out for her and the twins. Will they survive another’s thirst for vengeance?

I truly enjoyed Swan Song. The lovemaking and bonding between Ke’lan, E’than and Beauty is beautiful and hot. The author does a fantastic job with world building and I would not mind seeing more stories set in this universe. It was very nice to see shifters that were not the normal wolf shifters that are so prevalent in erotic romance. This is a wonderful read that I am happy to recommend.

Claiming Kristen

Kristen is a lawyer and loves her job. She also happens to be a werewolf.

Kort and Jacob are twin werewolf shifters under a curse that forces them to seek mates outside their pack if they want to have children. They cannot mate women within their own pack and when they do mate they have to mate with the same woman.

When Kristin gets out of a meeting late, she is starving. While normally she would not have thought to stop in a store in Covenanter territory, she is so hungry she breaks one of her brother’s rules and goes into the store anyway. She knows full well that if her brother knew he would pitch a fit because Covenanter males musk their mates to make them agreeable to sex, and he does not want to see that happen to his baby sister. Unfortunately, Kristin’s little trip has her running into two Covenanter males, and while she does manage to get away, the damage has been done. The twins arrive at her home, musk her and have sex with her, they even bring a witness. Unfortunately, their little trick ticks off not just Kristin, but her brother and their own alpha. Will they be able to convince Kristin to give them a chance after they tricked her like that?

I absolutely loved Claiming Kristin, it is by far one of the best werewolf stories I’ve read. The twin’s absolute cluelessness had me roaring with laughter, and their alpha’s pregnant mate was absolutely priceless. The sex is definitely hot enough to singe eyebrows, and certainly kept me glued to the pages. Another winner and another story that I would buy, even as a stand alone.

Overall this is a very enjoyable anthology. All of the stories are well written with fantastic world building and can easily stand on their own. Together they make this one book that you do not want to miss. I know I’ll be plunking down money every time one of these authors publishes in the near future.

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