Coffee Time Romance & More




December 2010
L & L Dreamspell
Paperback / Trade Paperback
92 Pages
Steampunk/Sci-Fi Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

A little bruised and battered, but at least Colonel Braedon Carey can say he is in one piece. He cannot, however, say exactly where he has landed, or if he can be retrieved.

The incident that has left her stranded is as much a mystery to Olivia Carstairs, as is her whereabouts. The transmogrification machine was working beautifully until something crashed into the hull, and sent her gauges haywire.

Taking stock of the area around him has Brae thinking maybe he landed somewhere in south Texas, but a little reconnaissance makes him more worried about who might be in the vicinity. Olivia comes upon Brae as he is checking out her machine, and though she is wary of this strange man, she cannot help but be soothed by his easy manner and kind eyes. To Brae, Olivia looks like something Mary Poppins with her historical dress, very proper speech, and regal bearing. But underneath the stuffy exterior he is all too aware that she is a beautiful and intelligent woman. Her safety soon becomes his main concern because thoughts of keeping this wonderful lady as his own are getting harder and harder to ignore.

Two people out of time and space collide in an engaging tale of lighthearted romance and daring adventure. Brae is quite endearing as he tries to tone down his language and be much more gentlemanly in light of Olivia’s upbringing. I find the oddities lie in Olivia’s background, considering what time she comes from, and who, what, and why the mysterious Smith comes into play. There are many questions raised, and it will be interesting to see what answers future books will bring.

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