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March 2010
Whisky Creek Press
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208 pages
Multi- genre
Rating: 5 cups

The Amber Dragon

When Prince Stephen Riva finds himself in a strange and foreign land, he soon realizes he will never see his home again. Taking a job washing dishes, he waits until an opportunity presents its self for him to improve his life, which arrives in the form of an amber dragon who is rumored to steal only cooked meats. Knowing this could be his chance at a better life, Stephen sets out to find the dragon. He does not expect to find an intelligent creature who soon becomes his friend.

Jordana’s Chair

Dex Everett has liked the girl next door since he met her a year ago. Jordana is a quiet shy girl who works two jobs and seems to have only a few clothes, all of which look homemade. Dex admires the way she finds old or broken furniture and takes it home to make into something new. When she asks him to help her collect a new chair she has bought, her excitement at being completely independent totally captures his heart; but with his reputation as a ladies’ man, can he convince her to take a risk and trust him?

The Nonesuch Curse

Rom Ruthven has always known of the curse on his family and has decided it will end with him. No more will Ruthven males die on their thirtieth birthday because he will not father a child. He will not fall in love, and he will not marry. This plan works well until he meets Trilla Pasanen. But with powers of her own, can she break the curse that has killed five generations of Ruthven men?


As event manager for her parents' Lodge, Elly has to work with the sexy police officer she has known since childhood. Friend of her brother or not, she does not trust Ward O’Donnell. Working closely together on the murder that occurred on her families land, Elly soon realizes she wants more than just brotherly love from Ward.

The Incomparable Miss Scarlet

After finding her brother-in-law being unfaithful, Scarlet Warden has started a campaign to help any woman who has to suffer the humiliation of an unfaithful husband. Hugh Hamilton believes these men deserve all they get. Marriage vows should be cherished as should one’s wife. His only problem is how he can convince the spectacular Miss Warden to become his wife and the Duchess of Danescliffe.

Garnet Hills

When Julianne inherits her father’s horse farm, she does not expect it to be easy. Neither does she expect the former manager to be so nasty although if she fails, he will gain the farm. The lack of sleep caused by barking and fighting dogs added to the distraction of one very sexy cowboy, and Julianne is not sure how long she can cope.

The Topaz Guard

Lisette Mercer remembers the murders of her parents. Locked in a trunk to keep her hidden, she watched through the gaps as a member of the Topaz Guard killed both. Now as an eighteen year old, she is determined to join the ranks of the church. She meets a young nobleman who is serving a year in the guard before his uncle names him his heir. Lisette’s uncle dictates that she must allow the young man to court her before she commits to the church. Can she overcome her past, fear of the guard, and return Charles’ love?

As always the Jewels of the Quill ladies have offered us an exciting collection of short tales designed to keep us on the edge of our seat for hours. Beautifully written with inspiring characters and colorful stories set across the globe, there is so much to see. With everything from history to dragons and cowboys to murder, there is something for everyone in this much anticipated anthology.

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