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Soulgirls Series

Book1: Into the Spotlight
Book 2: Taking the Stage

Soulgirls, Book 2
ISBN# 9781619215801
August 2013
Samhain Publishing
$ Not Available
144 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Roseatre is the stage name of the Amazon princess, Ruth. She works at the Midnight Mystery Lounge as the lead dancer. Her reasons for exile are complex but courageous.

Anthony DiNapoli is the trainer of the white tigers that are to perform at the lounge. He is also a white tiger shifter. Very much an alpha male, it is the reason for his departure from his pride.

Roseatre is apprehensive about the new additions to the stage show at the Midnight Mystery Lounge. Amazons and White Tigers are natural enemies, no matter how handsome and sexy they may be. She must overcome her fear and prejudice or lose her place in the company. Anthony is determined to find out why the Amazon Princess is working as a dancer and to work through the incredible attraction he has for her.

I love this story. The characters have an inbred dislike of each other’s species and find it difficult to overcome. They are both strong and brave, and I really enjoy reading about Anthony’s determination to overcome Roseatre’s reluctance. The other characters are equally interesting as are their back stories. The Midnight Mystery Lounge employs a colorful assortment of paranormals. The next installment of the series should be equally engrossing.

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