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Night Stand Series (1NS)

To Feel Again by Valerie Mann
The Virgin & The Playboy by Kate Richards
Erotic Healing by Becca Dale
Just for Tonight by Natalie Dae
Forver Bound by Stacey Kennedy
Bum Me if You Can by Mahalia Levey
Fairy Casanova by Gracen Miller
Panties Optional by Stephanie Beck
It’s a Jungle Out There by Stephanie Williams
The Middlesex Suite by Gwendolyn Page
Familiar Desires by Olivia Starke
One Night with a Wolf by Rebecca Royce
Takedown by Stacey Kennedy
Maggie’s Secret Wish by Starla Kaye
Wings of a Butterfly by A. Faris
Handcuffs and Silk by Mary Quast
Celestial Seduction by Jessica E. Subject
Mountain Climbling by L.C. Dean
Night Mission by Desiree Holt
One Hot Australian Night by Liia Ann White
Back in the Saddle by Ashlynn Monroe
Tempting a Cowboy by Clarissa Yip
Amber Moon (Pride of the Moon #1) by Ann Mayburn
Wet Dream by J.M. Madden
Bear it All by Deanna Wadsworth
The One He Chose by Wendy Burke
A Taste of Humanity by Shiela Stewart
Starting Over by Starla Kaye
Strawberry Kisses by Dominique Eastwick
Emerald Moon (Pride of the Moon #2) by Ann Mayburn
Cinderella Wore Combat Boots by D.L. Jackson
Bound for Pleasure by Ann Mayburn
Lace, Lightning & Multiple Orgasms by Azura Ice
Show Me Yours by Elle Laudan
Somewhere in Between by Stacey Kennedy
Something Different by Maureen O. Betita
Turquoise Moon (Pride of the Moon #3) by Ann Mayburn
Designing Passion by Kali Willows
Sweet Irish Kiss by JoAnne Kenrick
Trail of Hearts by Kate Richards
Shadowed Soul by Stacey Kennedy
One Knight in Brooklyn by Casea Major
Love, Transylvanian Style by Stephanie Williams
Savannah’s Ghost Tale by Kali Willows
Ghost of a Chance by Deena Remiel
One Night to Fly by Gina Lamm
A Demon’s Lure by Angelita Gill
Dracula’s Kiss by JoAnne Kenrick
Relieving Zoe’s Virtue by Eve Edwards
Firestorm by A.C. Mason
Soul Mate by Jane Rochester
Kill Me Tomorrow by Diane Alberts
Damnation and Desire by Kali Willows
Turkish Delights Trilogy #1 by Liz Crowe
Seducing Liberty by D.L. Jackson
Heart Desires by Becca Dale
Blue Cruise (Turkish Delights #2) by Liz Crowe
Tulip Princess (Turkish Delights #3) by Liz Crowe
Onyx Moon (Pride of the Moon #4) by Ann Mayburn
Madame Eve's 1Night Stand Anthology (PRINT only)
All She Wants for Christmas is Her Dom by Stacey Kennedy
This Endris Night by D.L. Jackson
Unfinished Business by Barbara Sheridan
Silent Night's Seduction by Clarissa Yip
Her First White Christmas by Liia Ann White
I'll Be Mated for Christmas by Rebecca Royce
He Came Upon a Midnight Clear by Desiree Holt
Santa, Cutie by Cerise DeLand
Almost Perfect by Jenna Jaxon
Learning to Submit by Erykah Wyck
Beneath the Starry Sky by Jessica E. Subject
Gale Force Passion by Kate Richards
Tempting a Prince by Clarissa Yip
Amethyst Moon (Pride of the Moon #5) by Ann Mayburn
On the Right Track by Barbara Elsborg
Caught Offside by Liz Crowe
Unknown Futures by Jessica E. Subject
Hungry for Touch by Angelita Gill
The Playground by Sascha Illyvich
Terminal Lust by Kali Willows
Want by Ann Mayburn
Public Display of Affection by Emily Cale
Second Chance at Love by Debbie Gould
Blind Need by Dakota Trace
No Dogs Allowed by Nicole Hicks
Sunset Desires by C.R. Moss
Surrender to Love by Sascha Illyvich
A Hard Day's Knight by Cate Masters
A Bid for Love by KT Grant
Catch Me (Steele Brothers Book 1) by Jennifer Probst
Tell Me No Lies by Mahalia Levey
Tonight You Belong to Me by Cate Masters
Haste Ye Back by Wendy Burke
Sensation Play by Ann Mayburn
Accidentally Beautiful by Deanna Wadsworth
Mako's Bounty by Diane Dooley
Night With a Dom by Casea Major
The Great Outdoors by Becky Moore
Play Me (Steele Brothers Book 2) by Jennifer Probst
Once Her Man, Always Her Man (Always a Marine Book 1) by Heather Long
Broken by Diane Alberts
Rebirth by Rebecca Royce
Senator, Mine by Kerry Adrienne
Retreat, Hell! She Just Got Here (Always a Marine Book 2) by Heather Long
A Scent of Longing by Cara Bristol
Goalie Interference by Emily Cale & Angela Stone
Double Dragon Seduction by Kali Willows
Last Request by Arlene Webb
Ravished Before Sunrise by Lia Davis
Dead or Alive by LJ Garland
Dreaming in Blue by Olivia Starke
Dare Me (Steele Brothers Book 3) by Jennifer Probst
Tell It to a Marine (Always a Marine Book 3) by Heather Long
The Gift by V.S. Morgan
Wishing for Love by Denise McCray
Satin Sheets in Space by Jessica E. Subject
Once Upon a Stormy Night by Zee Monodee
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy by D.L. Jackson
Believe in Me by Rebecca Royce
Opal Moon (Pride of the Moon #6) by Ann Mayburn
Executive Decision by Margie Church
Druid, Mine by Kerry Adrienne
Proud to Serve Her (Always a Marine Book 4) by Heather Long
Sunset Seduction by C. R. Moss
Her Marine (Always Her Marine Book 5) by Heather Long
Paging Doctor Wolf by Rebecca Royce
Shamrocked by JoAnne Kenrick
Ménage Bound by Sascha Illyvich
The Naughty Angel by Shiela Stewart
Taking Control by Virginia Nelson
A Date with Death by Louisa Bacio
Escape to Me by Diane Alberts
Power Play by Emily Cale
Sudden Breakaway by Jessica E. Subject
More than a Fantasy by Sara Daniel
The Last Man by Cheryl Dragon
One More Night by Wendi Zwaduk
Pharoah, Mine by Kerry Adrienne
Lightning by Taryn Kincaid
One Night of Need by Ella Jade
Thunder by Taryn Kincaid
Dragon Temptation by Kali Willows
The Virgin and the Best Man by Kate Richards
Threesome Sweetness by JoAnne Kenrick
First Comes Marriage by Valerie Mann
Hot Winter Kiss by JoAnne Kenrick
Reunited by Sabrina Sol
Just What She Wants by Barbara Elsborg
Wise Men Say by Wendy Burke
Betting on a God by Courtney Sheets
In My Sights by L.J. Garland/Debbie Gould
The Marine Cowboy by Heather Long
Endless Affair by Angelita Gill
Flyover by Desiree Holt
Virgin Under Ground by Kate Richards

Part of the 1Night Stand Series
ISBN# 9781613333495
August 14, 2012
Decadent Publishing
31 Pages
GLBT, Erotic
Rating: 4 Cups

Mellie is finally ready for some action after the debacle of the reality dating show she was on the previous year. Not sure if she can do it on her own, she contacts Madame Eve in the hope that the professional dating service guru can find her the match she has been looking for.

When Alex enters the indoor patio, the scene that greets her lets her know that Mellie did not realize she was being hooked up with a woman. Mellie is a woman that Alex has been fantasizing about and she is not going to let the other woman’s nervousness get in the way of her goal of tasting those succulent lips.

Mellie is shocked to find her date is a woman and not the man she was trying to envision. As Alex sits down and the two begin to talk, she finds herself aching to explore the other woman in ways she never imagined. While Mellie is just stepping into the dating pool with baby steps, Alex is prepared to jump into the deep end with all of her heart. Can she convince a woman who has been hurt and humiliated in front of millions to take a chance on her?

Taking Control incorporates real-life circumstances after being on a reality show with erotica that makes your skin dance with desire. Every caress, kiss, moan, groan, and other delicious sensations that arise from this book have been told in such a way that one cannot help but feel grateful to Ms. Nelson for bringing the passion and desire these two characters feel for one another to the surface. While I have enjoyed reading other 1-Night Stand books in this series, you will be happy to know that you do not have to read the other tales to understand and fully enjoy reading this one. The plot is meaty enough to keep you enthralled as you watch Mellie and Alex explore each other one decadent touch at a time.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More




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