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ISBN #:1-936305-32-1
August 2010
Omnific Publishing
eBook/ Hardcopy
$4.99 / $16.00
428 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Kate Shannon is a very busy lady, and that is just how she likes her life. She is too occupied with her successful bakery to date often, and her past track record has kept her pretty weary anyway. She has a full schedule with her tight-knit pseudo-family so she feels she does not have time for a Mr. Right Now let alone a Mr. Right .

Michael Forrester is the only child of academics, and he grew up surrounded by adults and then took on a solitary career as a writer. He basically lives his life alone and when his words desert him as he experiences severe writer's block, he finds himself wandering aimlessly, not knowing exactly what he is looking for and that is when he finds just what he needs.

New York City is huge and when two people bump into each other a few times, they both find what they weren't even looking for. Michael is a critically acclaimed, bestselling author who wanders into Kate's Greenwich Village bakery one day and discovers good coffee, great cupcakes and a creative atmosphere. Take The Cake is an eclectic mixture of coffee bar, eatery, lending library and art gallery, and owner Kate would not have it any other way. She and her employee and friend have an ongoing daily contest to one-up each other much to their customers' delight. Can these two single New Yorkers let go of the past as well as present pressures and find friendship, love and happiness with one another?

Sandra Wright mixes up a charming, contemporary romance for those readers with a sweet tooth and a soft heart. Michael touched a chord with me, and I felt a deep connection as I witnessed his deep despair and his battle to pull himself out of his suffocating writer's block. He could have come across as pathetic or whiny, but instead he was strong yet vulnerable and so very endearing yet still all man. Kate was just as likable, and I think her own set of strengths and weaknesses balanced Michael so well that it was quite obvious they were well suited, perhaps perfect for one another. I loved the supporting characters, and in fact, I would love to see Brother Bear get his very own story. If the storyline itself had not been enough to reel me in, I would have kept turning the pages just to see what cupcake confections Kate would come up with next. Oh if only I could bake-- because a trip to the Big Apple for sweets is not in the cards for me. Overall, this book left me feeling good and I cannot wait to see what else the author has to offer.

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