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ISBN# 9781611606416
April 2013
Whiskey Creek Press
115 Pages
Mainstream Historical Romance Adventure
Rating: 4 Cups

King Lightenwood has pillaged Valtearea Castle in order to take the Holy Shroud, the burial cloth of Jesus Christ, from those who have sworn to protect it at all costs. But it is not the only thing he takes. Princess Bella is also kidnapped and must journey with the shroud to Castle Jacksvilla, where she sits as prisoner, awaiting her fate.

Upon realizing his castle burns and his wife and the holy shroud are stolen, Prince Louis must concoct a plan for their safe return. Most people believe he has died in the fire, and the king has also imprisoned his nephew at the castle. Taking advantage of his false death, Prince Louis can assume a new identity and bide his time, waiting for the moment to take back his charges.

Before Prince Louis can carry out his plan, strange happenings surrounding the shroud and an angel’s appearance will have the so-called ‘heathens’ questioning if maybe, just maybe, the shroud is actually what the Christians claim it to be.

Taker of the Shroud is a short novel, but it is fast-paced with good character development and action. If at times the dialogue is slightly improbable for the time period, it is well-plotted and has received my attention from beginning to end. Easy to read in a sitting and quite entertaining.

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