Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN# 9780373618538
February 2011
Harlequin Nocturne
280 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Fear and pain were every day companions for Sophie Wilson while she was married, and even now it is nearly impossible to push those feelings aside. Her best friend, Lucy, tries so hard to get her out of her shell and maybe just for one night she can.

His family is all Zach has left, but without a shaman, he will soon lose them as well. A shaman will keep them sane and allow them acceptance within the Tribe once again.

The sheer terror of seeing something that cannot possibly be real is shredding every ounce of Sophie’s sanity. If only she had said no this night would never have happened, and she would not be captive to a family of animals. When Zach caught Sophie’s scent, he knew he had found her, but now he must keep her alive long enough for her to trigger. There is a price on her head that will threaten all of the Tribe, but Zach is a Carcajou, and the one thing they never do is give up a fight, even if it is to the death.

Page after page this story plunges you deep into the unmitigated fear of a battered woman. Sophie’s tears and terror are exhausting in their persistence, and in my opinion it overwhelms all other aspects of her personality. Zach has so much weight and responsibility on his shoulders already, it is amazing the amount of patience he shows for everyone. The role of shaman is something I would love to see developed, as well as the personal relationship between Zach and Sophie.

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