Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN# 9780373795970, 9781426884559
February, 2011
Harlequin Blaze
Print/E book
71 pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Nicola Guthrie has chosen to go against her parents plans and follow in her FBI agent father’s footsteps. She has a hunch that their most recent case of art thievery can be laid to rest by busting securities expert, Gabe Wilder. But when she ends up tangled in Gabe’s burning gaze, she fears he may just steal her heart.

Gabe Wilder is working with FBI pal, Nick, when his eyes land on a woman who steals his breath. With someone trying to frame him for a series of art thefts similar to the one that so long ago landed his father in prison, he really doesn’t have the time for passion. But when he tastes the lips of the woman, he quickly realizes he can’t resist the sweet temptation she presents.

With murder and mayhem as possible repercussions if they fail, they join to catch the criminal before he manages his next crime. But will they be able to resist each other long enough to keep Gabe out of jail? Or will their quarry escape with their one chance at love?

Passion and tenderness created on a long ago basketball court and enhanced by age draws these characters together. Although the suspense was less than thrilling due to the predictable outcome and plotting, the passion between them was still fiery and their love demanding. The emotion between the characters didn’t feel rushed and was very believable. Altogether a pleasing romance if it lacked in being any more than that.

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