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Sisters of Element, Book 1
ISBN #: 9781604354171
June 2011
Red Rose Publishing
E Book
$ 2.99
106 Pages
Rating: 3 cups

Kali is a strong and beautiful woman. She has a powerful sense of justice and great loyalty to her friends. She was raised in foster homes and wishes she had a family.

Sebastian is an alpha werewolf. He is handsome, but devious and self-serving.

One night Kali is attacked and bitten by a wolf. That bite turned her into a werewolf and made her a threat to the local alpha female. Kali is determined to end her curse by killing the alpha, but that is easier said than done. Her roommate is a great help and is a great deal more than the flaky but sweet New Age girl she appears to be.

This is a fairly predictable werewolf story with the exception of the wily Sebastian and Kali’s roommate, Skyla. The plot is fast moving and has some pretty good action scenes. The main character and her roommate are likable and interesting.

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