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Lori Foster, Stella Cameron, Kate Angell, Dianne Castell, Ann Christopher, Marcia James, Donna MacMeans, Sarah McCarty, Patricia Sargeant, Sue-Ellen Welfonder
ISBN- 9780425227688
June 2, 2009
Berkeley Publishing Group
Trade Paperback
$15.00 US/ $18.50 CAN
352 pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5 cups

Man’s Best Friend

Erin Schuler is in need of assistance. It is raining, her car is dead, her cell phone is dying, and she finds a stranded puppy. There is only one person she can call.

Gary Rutledge is a fighter. He has known Erin for years and been half in love with her since she turned seventeen. He just cannot get her to see past his money and fame.

This is a touching story about not judging a person by what the press has to say about them. Romance abounds in this tale.

A Knotty Tale

Madeline and Dickens are a sister/ brother set of terriers owned by Rose Gibb. The dogs want to be on their best behavior so as not to offend Rose.

Clawdia is a cat who owns Simon Falzone, a single man who is also Rose’s neighbor. She is tired of seeing her friend Simon being lonely. She enlists the help of the terriers next door in her plan.

This is a fun tale told from the perspective of the pets. Ms. Cameron had me laughing at the way these animals worked together to help their people.

Norah’s Arc

Norah Archer is the owner of a petting zoo filled with miniature animals, but it is her pygmy goat, Houdini, who keeps her the busiest. He is a bored little goat and is always escaping to have adventures.

Mike Kraft owns the construction company and works next door to Norah’s Arc. That goat of Norah’s is giving Mike and his crew a fit, but the owner of the zoo is keeping Mike awake at night.

Houdini is a delight to read about. Norah’s love for her animals comes from such a genuine place, and it is understandable why Mike is in love with her.

The Pursuit of Happiness

Jane Louise Garrison is the only sane one in a family full of crazies. Being in love with the town vet makes Jane Louise feel normal. She does not know that he has a secret that could break her heart.

Rex Bradley is the town vet. While his girlfriend, Jane Louise, may believe he is boring, he is anything but. Telling her his secret could make or break their relationship.

Jane Louise and Rex are a couple to fall in love with. She is scared by his secret, but love knows no boundaries.

Atticus Saves Lisa

Lisa Evans is the main caretaker for her brother, Keenan. Because she was driving the night a drunk driver hit them, leaving her brother paralyzed, Lisa feels responsible and hides behind her brother.

Cruz Shaw is Keenan’s best friend. Since he was ten and Lisa was fifteen, Cruz has been in love with her. Now, he has to pull her back into her life with a little help from Keenan’s therapy monkey, Atticus.

This is such a moving story. Family and friends - there are no more powerful forces.

Rescue Me

Claire Mendelsohn is the owner of Rescue Me, a no-kill animal shelter. She is also a veterinarian. When she graduated from the University of Virginia, she was dating a guy who broke her heart, but whom she never stopped loving.

Adam Baumgartner is the owner of Nuclear Fusion and a former NFL player. He is the guy who broke Claire’s heart. Finding a stray dog behind his restaurant puts him back in touch with Claire and gives him the chance to prove he was wrong.

I loved the chemistry between Claire and Adam. Buddy, the Chinese crested hairless, added the humor to this tale.

Lord Hairy

As Hannah Waverly is delivering a basket of goodies, an enormous black dog appears in her path, scaring her. When the basket’s contents are devoured, it seems Hannah has a new friend.

Lord Ashton is throwing a party at his home. His favorite dog,-which has been missing, bounds into the hall, straight into the arms of an attractive young woman.

This is a very sweet story. I enjoyed the dog’s antics toward its people.

Danny’s Dog

Kathy works for a local shelter. Helping with a raid at a home, she finds a dog in dire straits. She is aching for this animal since he resembles the one she had always imagined adopting for her son.

Walt has been missing Kathy since she left him. With the weight of their infant son’s death hanging over them, they fell apart instead of sticking together.

This story had me crying from the start. Such a heart-touching tale of love, commitment and a wonderful dog named Sebastian.

Scaredy Cat

Kendra Willis has been adopted by a cat named Tom. After Tom was in a fight with the neighborhood bullies, Kendra got him fixed up and took him home.

Paul Strahan is the man Tom decides Kendra needs to fall in love with. Paul finds Tom on his doorstep, beaten and bloody.

Another tale told, in part, from the perspective of the cat. The lengths animals will go to in order to see their people happy truly amazes me.

A Man, A Woman and Haggis

Jilly Pepper is an American tourist on vacation in Scotland. She is there to visit the grave of her grandmother’s old beau and return a piece of jewelry he had given her.

Keiran McColl meets Jilly when his dog, appropriately named Haggis, attacks her plate of haggis at breakfast. He notices something familiar about this woman and invites her on a boat tour.

Haggis had me laughing from his first meeting with Jilly. As an owner of four of these mischievous beasts, I could really relate.

This is a book filled with delightful stories. Every story touched my heart in one way or another. Each author has contributed a story filled with romance and humor with the animals being the center of almost every tale. I laughed and cried as I read these stories. I am encouraging everyone I know to purchase this collection. Not only is it written by some of the most wonderful authors, a portion of the proceeds are being given to a no-kill animal shelter. From one animal lover to another, and even if you are not, I recommend this book. Not only will you help a fantastic cause, you may find a glimpse of your best friend within these pages. I know I did.

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