Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 9781615081059
September 2009
Sizzler Editions, an imprint of Renaissance E Books Publication
132 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

It is the nineteen fifties, and wife and mother of two Helen Miller knows her place. She also knows that she is hiding behind a façade of domestic abilities and the passionate woman that lives beneath the surface.

For traveling salesman Cary Sanderson, when he first sees the beautiful housewife he knows there is something different about her. After watching her get a secret smile and faraway look upon her face, he is more determined than ever to figure her out.

Wearing a sexy and daring perfume named Tabu is one thing, but daydreaming about sex is another. While she has not had sex in quite a while and sensual passion for women is something unheard of, Helen fights her urges nightly where she finds pleasure in her own body as her husband sleeps in a separate bed in the room. Fighting her passionate nature all by herself is hard enough as it is, but Cary brings something out in her that has her wanting to do the unthinkable. Will Helen go back to being a housewife and mother of the fifties, or will her encounter with the sexy salesman change her life forever?

Mr. Millswan grabbed me from the beginning as I read his touching and heartfelt Preface, which explains a great deal about the theory behind this novel. It gives the reader some insight into an already touching story full of how women had to behave and act during the nineteen fifties. Tabu tells the tale of Helen as a suburban housewife, one who has repressed urges that are just waiting to be explored. The writing is very smooth and places us right in the novel and alongside Helen as she struggles with her womanhood and passion and questions her right to feel like an aroused woman. Not to mention the book is so hot with tempting scenes and tantalizing circumstances, it makes this blazing story a perfect addition to any reader's erotic collection!

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