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ISBN: 978-1-4143-2051-9
March 4, 2010
386 Pages
Fiction / Romance / Suspense
Rating: 3 Cups

The decision to become a border patrol officer changed Danika Morales’s life in an instant, but she still feels that she was called to do this job. She feels great empathy for those who are seeking a better life in the U.S., but stands firm on her beliefs that they must do so legally.

The McAllen Medical Center is committed to helping anyone in need regardless of their legal status, and Dr. Alex Price upholds this directive wholeheartedly. He is not pro-immigration, but pro-health, and whether they are illegal or not, they are still human beings.

Two years ago Danika lost her husband, Toby, in a cold-blooded murder that has yet to be solved and still feels the grief over the last few minutes they spent together. To find out that he was helping illegals cut her to the core, and now it is all starting to resurface. Someone has targeted Danika and her family, and it is going to take every ounce of her strength and faith to find the killer before they make her little girl an orphan. Alex wants very badly to help Danika in any way possible, but his connection to her late husband and her child’s nanny may end up costing them both in the deadliest of ways.

Nothing as heart-wrenching as seeing families torn apart by the laws protecting our borders can be viewed in black and white, but where do we start, and how can it change? Drug cartels, human slavery, and terrorists make it almost impossible to find the right answer, but thankfully there are people like Danika and Alex who stand up and fight, in spite of the personal cost. The only thing I found hard to accept was Danika’s attitude towards her superior, and also towards Alex when they are obviously trying to keep her safe while doing their own jobs. I sometimes feel that characters like Danika use their faith as a shield to hind behind instead of meeting life head-on and risking their heart.

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