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ISBN: (13)9780373266760
June 2009
Worldwide Library, an imprint of Harlequin Enterprises Limited
5.99(USA)/ $6.99(CAN)
251 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Chariot Stevens is sleeping soundly when her longtime boyfriend Jason Holmes wakes her up and informs her that they are leaving. After clearing the car of ice, she heads back to their apartment to find out what is taking him so long when she sees another man. After he leaves, she rushes in to find Jason has been murdered and not knowing what else to do, Chariot runs.

Shady Grove is a campground in West Memphis, Tennessee, and managed by Rose Franklin. When she first sees the young woman with South Dakota plates pull up, somehow she knows that the young woman is running from something or someone. Trying to be as helpful as she can, Rose directs the woman to a tent site while she waits to talk to her friend.

When Chariot explains that she is running and in trouble, the people of Shady Grove want to help her but they are not sure exactly what kind of a dilemma she is in. The newspaper has a front page article about Chariot murdering her boyfriend in cold blood. However, she insists that he was murdered by the unknown man, who she later realizes is a cop. Who can Chariot trust when even the police officers after her may be out to harm her and not help her?

I could not imagine what I would do if I found out that my boyfriend was murdered just steps from me. Ms. Lynn shows us how much strength it must have taken Chariot to confide in those she did, especially considering who she thinks did kill Jason. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot was such an easy read and the cadence is so smooth that I finished the novel quickly. The only part that I did not care for is how incomprehensible Chariot seemed during certain moments, but it could have been the fact that she was running from a murder scene. She just seemed to not comprehend basic questions at times. I am sure though that you will agree this mystery is a great read and will keep you on your toes until the last few pages.

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