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ISBN#: (13)9780778328025
August 2010
329 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Leaving behind the horror of a school shooting, Amalie Pope heads home to Bordelaise, Louisiana. Her shoulder may be healing from the shot she took to save a student, but her mind still has a long way to go.

DEA Agent Nick Aroyo has spent months undercover collecting evidence on a deadly drug ring, and he is more than ready for it to be over. Getting arrested in a small Louisiana town should have been the first step to ending this job, but Mother Nature throws a wrench in his plans.

The tornado that ripped through Bordelaise took part of the jail with it, and Nick now finds himself on the run with the drug dealers he is trying to put away. They finally stumble out of the swamps, and directly into the life of one seriously stressed out and beautiful young woman. Amalie’s sanity was already stretched to the breaking point, and this situation is only making it worse, but for some reason she cannot quite fathom, Nick is helping her hold it together. Nick hates that he cannot tell Amalie the truth, but her safety is his only priority, because one wrong move, and he knows that this wonderfully courageous woman will be ripped from his life forever.

This book is what I call a one-seater; you open the front cover and do not want to move until you have reached the end. The expectancy builds much like the storm that threw Amalie and Nick together, and you get completely caught up in the maelstrom of tense emotions and burgeoning desires. Amalie especially is a roller coaster of tears, anger, and terror, but Nick helps balance her out with his quiet confidence and easygoing attitude. Sharon Sala gives you the perfect excuse to turn off the phone, lock the door, and prop your feet up for a few hours of uninterrupted entertainment.

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