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Veiled Seduction Novel

Book 1: Sweet Enemy

Veiled Seduction Novel, Book 2
ISBN# 9780451237606
7 August 2012
Penguin Books
384 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 2 Cups

Lord Derick Aveline has never wanted to return home, to his estate in Derbyshire. He has left after a disagreement with his mother that has caused the ruination of everything he thinks he knows about himself and his purpose in life. After spending nearly ten years on the continent as a spy for England, he has only one loose end to tie off. Unfortunately, such last order of business will require him to return to Derbyshire and search for a traitor amongst those he once knew as neighbors and friends.

Emma Wallingford is everything a lady should not be, and she has been ever since her childhood infatuation with Derick Aveline came to nothing but heartache. With a keen mind for mathematics and logic, she has been secretly performing her invalid brother’s duties as the local magistrate for many years. Her work has not only afforded her a respected place in local society, but an independent life most women could never dream of. When her latest murder investigation draws the interest of the newly returned Lord Derick Aveline, Emma begins to worry that her carefully crafted life is about to fall in about her ears.

Derick is astounded to find the acting magistrate is not only a woman, but a much changed Emma Wallingford, the girl he once called Pygmy. Now he must deal with her nosy, forthright prying while trying to balance his investigations on behalf of the crown. The more they are forced to work together, the more Derick finds himself attracted to the girl who once dogged his every footstep. As they get closer and closer to the murderer, their collective pasts collide in a twist that will reveal more than either one ever could have suspected.

Ms. Snow is unmatched in her attention to historic details regarding the intricate workings of crime solving in the 1800’s. Derick is everything a girl could want in a dashing spy with his tormented past, heroic nature and debonair charm. Though Emma Wallingford is a delightfully independent and resourceful heroine, she seems to have a constantly selfish desire for overt manipulation. Though the book is a thoroughly enjoyable read, it might leave the reader wondering if the heroine really deserves the affections of our sexy prince charming.

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