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ISBN: 9781419920844
July 31, 2009
Ellora’s Cave Publishing
205 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Sharing the most intense and intimate relationship with each other should be enough for Joel Cooper and Christian Harris, but they both know something is missing. Actually, the correct answer is that someone is missing, and they both know it.

Twenty-four years old and Susie Hood is still living under her father’s thumb, but he is not solely to blame. The last few years have been hard on all of them, especially her, and it only stands to reason that he wants to keep her safe, secure, and utterly miserable.

Susie really needs a job, she needs to get out of the house, make her own money, and hopefully stand on her own two feet, so the ad for a housekeeper for two guys sounds perfect. Her first impression is that it is as humiliating as it is arousing, and without her quite knowing how, she gets the job. Joel and Christian itch to move things forward with Susie, but the thought of rejection is never far from their minds, especially for Joel. Susie has never before experienced the indescribable joy she feels with Joel and Christian, but life has taught her that it can all come crashing down in an instant.

The depth of emotion that these three characters exhibit is unquestionably the most erotic part of this story. They put their hearts on the line for each other in a way that entangles your heart right along with theirs. They all experience such loneliness and heartache that you cannot help but feel their pain and need for each other. Theirs is a powerful union, mind blowing and visceral in its passion and feeling.

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