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ISBN#: (13)9781934938416/(10)1934938416
September 2009
Langdon Street Press
340 Pages
Historical Fiction, Inspirational
Rating: 5 Cups

In a time when women were considered second class citizens to men, Susannah Reed was determined to study law. While other women dreamed of being wives and mothers, she envisioned quite a different life. But first, she must overcome a tragedy that strikes ruthlessly and leaves her changed forever.

Theodore Nelson works at the law firm in Chicago where he eventually meets Susannah. Falling for her good looks and charm is easy enough, but with a complicated life of her own, he concedes to being just a mentor and friend.

Then her tragic life turns to into a life full of achievement when her bar exam gives her the right to practice law in Chicago. With Ted by her side and the partners of the firm backing her, Susannah begins the process of defending her first few clients. Thrust into a murder case days after becoming an attorney, she must contend not only with such a tragic case but with men who consider women beneath them and belonging at home. Can Susannah fight for survival in a male world and prove to them as well as herself that her aspirations are more than pipe dreams or is she destined for failure?

Ruth Rymer not only had me from the first sentence, she had me until the last word as I read this astounding and inspiring novel. Susannah, A Lawyer: From Tragedy to Triumph tells the story of one woman’s struggles and perilous adventures as she overcomes adversity and prejudice in the male dominated world of the late nineteenth century. While Susannah is a fictitious heroine, I love how the author put facts about women and law from that era within the storyline, giving it a lot of credibility and realism. At times the reading was so intense it had my adrenaline pumping and I could not have put the book down if my house was on fire, it is just that amazing! I will definitely be recommending this novel to all my friends and family and I would love to see this novel turned into a movie, just so I could watch Susannah come alive within the courtroom.

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