Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN#: 1442169850
July 2009
Erotictales Publications
163 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Delilah is a Dominatrix. She currently has a submissive living with her and has a rather secretive relationship with another Dom. Her feelings for both him and Gabriel, the owner of the club are rather complicated.

Michael is a fireman. He is large and intimidating looking but has always fantasized about being submissive to a woman. He is very heterosexual and both Gabriel and another Dom at the club make him a bit apprehensive. He also has a bit of a temper that he needs to control.

Michael has always wanted to submit to a woman. Master Gabriel has given him to Mistress Delilah for training and he is about to find out just how difficult a path he has chosen for himself.

This is an interesting tale that takes the reader deep into the BDSM lifestyle as seen through the experiences of a man new to the experience. Though the story does stand alone, it is helpful to have read the other stories first. I liked Michael, Tram, and Delilah, and Tara and Raven make a nice reappearance, but it is harder to like Alex and Gabriel. The two are very hard on the more likeable Michael and that makes them less sympathetic. The story is very well written with some vividly written sex scenes and colorful characters. This is a series well worth reading and I look forward to the next story.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More



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