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22 January 2013
Kellan Publishing
106 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Kerrianna Anders has been born with the gift of absorbing people’s sins into herself with a touch. She has despised her gift for years and thinks that, with the death of her last family member, her grandmother, she can stop using it. Little does she know it is actually a curse that has been passed down through her family line for a millennium, Kerrianna being the final protection for the world against the sin eaters.

Drake Constitine is the darkly handsome cursed warlock and the leader of the sin eaters. He hates the Anders. They are the reason behind him and his kin being cursed for so long. After the death of her grandmother, Kerrianna has become the last living Anders, so her death could mean freedom from their suffering. What he does not predict is to be attracted to her or find her so innocent of the actual truth behind the curse.

After her grandmother’s death, a man shows up saying he used to work with her and tells Kerrianna the truth about her gift. He says that all sin eaters are evil and want her dead, which will free them from their curse. She is not expecting to be rescued by Drake, to hear another story behind the curse’s origins or to be attracted to him. So she has to decide which version is real…and whether danger is only from the sin eaters.

This story is a good choice to satisfy a craving for a quick paranormal romance that wraps up nicely and whose world still has possibilities for other stories. The concepts of the curse, sin eaters, hunters and beautiful lady are intriguing and rather distinctive. The relationship between Drake and Kerrianna starts off intense and fast, and its progression matches the tempo of the story. I enjoy this read, even if it seems to end abruptly.

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