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ISBN# 9781420123227
5 March 2013
Zebra Books
352 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Miss Frances Hadley is done with family in general and men in particular. Fleeing a house party to escape the marriage trap set by her aunt, she dresses as a boy and flings the rest of her reputation to the winds. What Frances cannot anticipate is the nasty bout of wet weather that strands her in an inn and makes her the unwilling traveling partner of the most notorious rake in England.

Lord Jack Valentine uses his reputation as a rake to intervene in the fates of every runaway, light skirt and street urchin in London’s worst stews. Now he is baffled by a youngster unlike any he has ever met before. It does not take long for Jack to discover that the young boy he is traveling with is actually the most aggravating woman he has ever had occasion to meet.

A murderer is killing women with damaged reputations, commoner and nobility alike. Amidst his frantic search for the slasher, Jack has the singular desire to save Frances from a world that is determined to squash her flat. Irritating, strong willed and determined to survive, Frances turns out to be the one woman Lord Jack cannot walk away from.

Lord Jack is everything a woman could want in a dashing hero. This tale of unlikely love has an engaging plot, fast paced action and a memorable supporting cast. It also has a heroine who is so contrary and irksome it renders her completely unsympathetic. As much as I enjoy reading this book, it saddens me that Lord Jack Valentine winds up stuck with Frances Hadley for eternity.

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