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Brac Pack Series

Book 1 - Maverick’s Mate
Book 2 - Hawk’s Pretty Baby
Book 3 - Sunshine's Savior
Book 4: Remi's Pup
Book 5: Stormy Eyes
Book 6: Oliver's Heart
Book 7: Keata's Promise
Book 8: George's Turn
Book 9: Loco's Love
Book 10: Lewis' Dream


Brac Pack, Book 3
ISBN: 1-61034-372-7
March 2011
Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.
89 Pages
Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, Werewolves
Rating: 3 Cups

He cannot get over feeling that Maverick sent him on a wild goose chase, but a Beta Dakota Amergan does what his Alpha tells him. Kota hits the streets day after day looking for this phantom person, and what he eventually finds lights up his soul.

Life on the streets has not been easy for Blair, but what he left at home was even worse, and it kills him to think of his younger brother still living there.

Turning tricks makes Blair feel filthy inside and out, but when he ran from an abusive father, it was the only means of feeding himself. He can barely remember a time when his life was not a living Hell, and to find himself on the receiving end of kindness is hard to accept. Kota will not allow Blair to condemn himself one more minute and if it takes the rest of eternity, the young man will know he is loved and cherished. Blair and Kota may have found each other, but danger looms on the horizon for all of the Brac pack.

Shame and humiliation are ever present in Blair’s life, and to see someone like Kota accept him with open and loving arms is a pleasure to see. Blair’s character, like the other mates in this Brac pack series, has been dealt a rough hand in life, and it makes them that much more interesting to know. He has such a powerful connection with Kota that when they come together it is downright explosive. These boys are sure to light a spark to any dull day.

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