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ISBN#: 9780062004673/9780062096944
Harper Paperbacks, a division of HarperCollins Publishers/ William Morrow, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers
Paperback/E Book
432 pages
Rating: 3 cups

Amy Legend is the nation’s darling when she is on the ice skating rink. She has never felt that feeling when she is around her family. With two older siblings who were as studious as their parents, Amy was always treated as an oddity, at least in her eyes.

Jack Wells is bored easily. He needs to fix something or someone. Jack has always felt like a disappointment who never measured up to his father, an admiral in the Navy.

When Amy’s widower father and Jack’s widow mother marry, the older couple, Hal and Gwen, invite all of the children, their spouses and children to the Legend’s lake property. Northern Minnesota is a secluded place where the newly constructed family is forced to bond, but no one expected Amy and Jack to bond as closely as they did. The tethers are already weak between the Legends and the Wells with Hal’s older children not being used to Gwen being a part of this new life their father is making. Phoebe and Ian feel as if Gwen is replacing their deceased mother. Amy and Jack decide to keep their desire for one another a secret, but sometimes love can be found when and where you least expect to find it.

I am not sure how a reader cannot fall in love with the Legends and the Wells. From Hal and Gwen on down the line to the grandchildren, each character comes to life in such subtle ways until they are ingrained in the reader’s mind. Ms. Gilles Seidel describes each moment with such flair and vividness that the smell of the lake and the pine trees are tangible. The family dynamic is a character unto itself. From Phoebe’s oldest daughter role to Jack’s laid back nature, each person’s personality shines through and brings the family unit to life. I wholeheartedly recommend reading Summer’s End.

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