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Suddenly Wolf Series

Book 1: Suddenly Wolf
Book 2: Suddenly Wolf Too

Suddenly Wolf, Book 2
ISBN #1619261219
December 2011
Siren Publishing
126 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Louise is a Deputy Sheriff in a sleepy upstate town. She is intelligent, beautiful, and has lived in the area her entire life. She is in love with a local farmer and very content with her life, at the moment.

Cal is a handsome and intelligent man who has a strong sense of duty. He is the custodian of the land that has been in his family for many years. He would seek a life outside of the area if he was not in love with Louise.

Aiden and Zeb are brothers and werewolves from another area. Their job is to hunt down rogue werewolves for their Alpha. They never imagined they would share a mate or doubt their leader.

Louise is very happy with her relationship with the handsome and sexy, Cal. She is content with her job as a Deputy, even though there is very little excitement in her sleepy little town. That is, until a rogue wolf attacks a visitor to the town. Louise is ashamed to admit she fantasizes about him and his equally sexy brother, but things take a serious turn when she is attacked by the wolf herself and the two brothers turn her into a creature she has only read about in books.

This sequel to Suddenly Wolf is just as exciting and well-written as the first story. Louise is a strong female character who is more than a match for her three mates whether they are werewolf or human. Aiden and Zeb are compelling and sexy as is Cal. The author does an excellent job in describing Cal’s decision-making process in whether or not to become a werewolf to be with Louise and his feelings about sharing her with not one, but two, men. There is also plenty of excitement in the conflict with Zeb and Adrian’s former Alpha who has become a rogue with a pack. This is a great werewolf tale.

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