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ISBN: 9780345503664-Paperback/ 9780345515056-Ebook
June 23, 2009
Ballantine Books, an imprint of Random House Publishing Group
Paperback/ Ebook
336 Pages-Paperback/ 352 Pages-Ebook
Contemporary, Romance, Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

Countess Lilliana Arrabella Guinevere du Marchette or, Lil Marchette as her friends and associates know her, is the owner of Dead End Dating. This is not just another dating service that promises to match one human up with another; it also specializes in vampires, werewolves, demons, others, and the occasional human. If you have not guessed yet, Lil is a born vampire herself, which is quite different from what most born vamps snidely call “made vampires”.

Ty Bonner is one of the made vampires, therefore considered inferior to Lil’s bloodlines. With their mind connection and heated bed sheets, their love life should be fantastic. He is a bounty hunter who goes out on assignments without much notice for days on end, leaving a very lonely Lil to get into trouble.

When it comes to Lil, trouble should be her middle name because it seems to follow her wherever she goes. After a Dead End Dating meet and greet, one of her clients disappears and a puddle of blood on the couch is her only clue. Now Lil is on the trail trying to find her, against Ty’s wishes as well as Merlin’s. Sneaking out of town may seem cowardly to some, but Lil figures it is the only way to find the warlock who is out to torture and sacrifice her client one piece of skin at a time.

Ms. Raye gives us a unique vision into the world of dating between the paranormal species and the different classes of vampires. Sucker for Love has some very funny and entertaining spots and characters in it, including a vampire who cannot stand the sight of blood. While it is a cute story, I found that Lil’s overwhelming fear of her overbearing mother went from being funny to being a little monotonous over time. For the most part though, this tale of love, lust, and the quest for happiness in the paranormal world will have you laughing.

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