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ISBN-13: 978-0-7582-3200-7, 10: 0-7582-3200-4
April 2010
Kensington Publishing Corporation
Trade Paperback
292 Pages
Urban Fantasy
Rating: 4 Cups

Even a succubus can have a breaking point, and Georgina Kincaid may have finally reached hers. The centuries of losing friends and lovers have taken a great toll, but losing Seth is shredding whatever soul she may have left.

Putting one foot in front of the other is how Seth Mortensen manages his heartache, and marrying Maddie is just one more step in the right direction. She is a wonderful person, and he does love her, maybe not the “you are my world” kind of love, but love nonetheless.

Georgina puts on a brave face every time Maddie discusses wedding plans, but inside she is crumbling a little more every day. Her mood is gloomy at best, but as the big day draws near, depression threatens every waking moment until the calling begins. The more depressed she gets, the stronger the pull, until she is powerless to resist. Georgina is now living her every nightmare, and it is up to her friends, her boss, and even her exes to try to pull her from an eternity of torment.

If our every dream were a nightmare of gigantic proportion, how long could we hold on to our sanity? Georgina’s character is nearing her point of no return as she struggles to comprehend what is real and what is a lie. It is a journey that takes the reader through the centuries of her existence, and puts you right in the heart of her pain, but never gives you all of the answers. Georgina’s and Seth’s relationship may stumble and fall, and you cannot help but hope that some day they may find an answer to all of their prayers in upcoming additions to this series.

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