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The Warrior Series

Book 1: Initiation
Book 2: Driven
Book 3: Subversive

The Warrior, Book 3
ISBN# 9781613332924
17 July 2012
Decadent Publishing Company LLC
151 Pages
YA Paranormal
Ratings: 5 Cups

Rachel Clancy is a warrior of a post-apocalyptic world first and a sixteen-year-old girl second. On her sixteenth birthday, she goes above ground to fight with the resistance against vampires and werewolves, to help keep her clan safe. And since that day, she has loved and lost.

Deacon is the frightened boy in the cage and rescued by Rachel. He knows what it is like to be food for the enemy, so when it comes down to the warriors, he is upfront with Rachel, fighting to free the other humans that have been abducted.

Together, with the help of many others, Rachel and Deacon struggle to destroy the vampires by raiding their lairs one by one, with explosives and sheer force. Practicing on smaller areas and preparing for the biggest battle of their lives, not even Rachel can predict the outcome of what she will find out about her home, Genesis, and her greatest rival, Ichan, leader of the vampires.

Subversive is book three of ‘The Warrior’s series. I have not read the other novels, but after devouring this one, I am itching to get my hands on them. Book three is a continuation of the first two, and the first five chapters do an excellent job of reiterating the main events of the past two stories, bringing the reader full circle on the battle to come. Filled with vampires and werewolves, but not the Twilight friendly ones, these monsters remind of The Underworld movies, with the fierce and devoted Rachel leading her clan into action and into brutal strike down of all creatures that oppose her. This is an excellent addition to the book series, and I am eagerly waiting to find out what happens next!

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