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ISBN#: 978-1-4199-236-92
July 2009
Ellora’s Cave
69 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Anabel has enjoyed her friendship with Royce, but her desire to experiment with a BDSM romance with the handsome security man is driving her to distraction. When she thinks Royce has no sexual interest, his protective attitude has gotten on her last nerve and Anabel winds up nearly in tears.

Royce has seen how his Anabel reacts to handcuffs, but he thinks she deserves more in the long term than his BDSM desires have to offer. The problem is he cannot take the thought of Anabel servicing any man other than him.

Anabel and Royce are afraid to take their friendship further, but the sexual tension between them will either be flamed into a romance, or the two will have to find other partners to get what they need.

Submissive with Benefits is great! A cleaver love story that fans of erotica will adore. Expanding on the “I have a crush on my friend” theme, Ms. Gabriel blends BDSM and contemporary romance wonderfully. The sex is hot enough to fry on, but the friendship gives the story depth. The dialogue is what makes the book for me superb! Some BDSMs have language that makes one roll their eyes, but this is well written and believable. Thank goodness. The friends were good, if predictable in parts, but filled in the gaps needed for the storyline to proceed. And did I mention the sex was wonderfully hot? It was that good and I had to say it again. Ms. Gabriel has written another great book, and I would love to see how Royce and Anabel take their relationship farther.

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