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The Blades of the Rose
Book 1: Warrior
Book 2: Scoundrel
Book 3: Rebel
Book 4: Stranger

The Blades of the Rose Book 4
ISBN: 9781420106824
December 2010
Zebra Books, an imprint of Kensington Publishing Corp.
370 Pages
Paranormal Romance; Multi-Cultural
Rating: 4 Cups

Gemma Murphy is a female journalist with a special talent. She is able to unlock doors and minds with a simple thought.

Catullus Graves is a scientist and a man who does not allow anything to interrupt his goal of stopping the Heirs. But when he meets Gemma, the freckled redhead not only interrupts him, she stops him in his tracks as his libido kicks into overdrive.

Gemma is eavesdropping when she is found out by Catullus. But she is determined to find out the scoop on who the Blades are and who the Heirs are and what exactly is going on. Unfortunately, by trying to get the story she ends up in the middle of a war and she has now become a target of the Heirs, who will stop at nothing to destroy anyone associated with the Blades. Along the way, Gemma and Catullus will encounter danger, passion, love, King Arthur, another world, and unbelievable creatures as they try to stop the Heirs from their quest of world domination.

What an unbelievable journey Ms. Archer takes us on. Not only do we get to see Catullus and Gemma fight for their love, especially in a time when a mixed race couple was not considered the norm, but we get to see some fantastic creatures right out of the greatest fantasy books. Stranger takes the reader on a journey from one world into another where pixies, trolls, and Merlin live and have existed for hundreds of years. Between the sweet and steamy romance and the danger that surrounds these two, you cannot help but fall in love with this book. Whether a long time fan of Zoë Archer or just starting, you will not be disappointed in this novel.

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