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ISBN: (13)9780373774081 Paperback / 9780373773527 Hardcover
1994 / Reprint January 2009 Paperback / Hardcover
HQN, a division of Harlequin Enterprises Limited
$7.99 Paperback / $16.95 Hardcover
249 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Tess Newhart is out to save the world. With her thrift store clothing, rundown apartment, and tell-it-straight attitude, she does not stop to think of the consequences to her actions.

Nick Jamieson is a lawyer whose goal is to make partner. Though he cares deeply for Tess, he knows her image is not businesslike. Therefore, she is not a good candidate for a meaningful relationship.

When Nick comes to Tess asking for her to pose as his fiancée, she hesitates but eventually decides that she can at least try to help. What she did not expect was to fall for her sexy ex all over again, or discover the man Nick is trying to woo toward the law practice is a fraud. Now she has to decide whether to out the well-known author, or keep her mouth shut. Between the sexual tension, keeping her highly vocal opinions to herself, a love interest that is completely wrong for her best friend, and the fact that Nick is slowly changing her into someone else, Tess is afraid something has got to give and she just hopes it will not ruin Nick’s career in the process.

Strange Bedpersons is a witty, entertaining, and unique tale of when two extreme opposites are attracted to each other. Jennifer Crusie always has a way of writing that tells a story with a moral but in such a way that the reader just shakes their head and laughs at the antics the characters go through. I love how Tess steamrolls through life, only to learn a valuable lesson about stopping and thinking about how it will ultimately affect those around her. Nick was such a contradiction and I found that I either wanted to squeeze him with love, or shake the tar out of him. This is definitely a thoroughly enjoyable read.

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