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ISBN: 9781604354300
November 2009
Red Rose Publishing
94 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Lauren Phelps has had some drastic changes come about in her life due to her battle with breast cancer.

Cole McGuire knows how much help Lauren was to his mother when she was recovering from cancer herself.

Now Lauren is back and ready to work. Cole is her new boss and the intriguing man seems to be everywhere she is. He wants to start building a relationship with her but she is afraid. Will Cole see past her changed body to the woman she has become?

Stormy Weather is a poignant story about a woman and her recovery not only from breast cancer but from a debilitating marriage to a man who only looks skin deep. Nancy O’Berry shows the reader what Lauren must overcome emotionally to feel love again in this very touching tale. Cole is very caring and understanding, and yet is also portrayed as not quite grasping what Lauren feels, which really creates a bit of a conflict between the two main characters, giving this story more realism than it already has. Whether you read this because you love the author’s work or for the romance, you will not be disappointed in any way!

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