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ISBN# 978-1-60394-423-6
April 2010
New Concepts Publishing
174 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating 3 cups

Born on a night when a storm raged outside, conceived during a hurricane that wrecked the ship her parents were on, Stormy was a wild and reckless beauty. When a highwayman takes her from the carriage in the darkness of night and sweeps her off in his arms, this tempestuous beauty feels passion for the first time in her young life.

Andre is bound by honor to try to resolve the issues of his past. To do so, he has taken on the role of highwayman… a risky role for an aristocrat to use as a façade. When he robs the wrong carriage and sweeps the fiery siren into his arms, he has no clue that she will haunt his nights from that day on.

Through a hit and miss romance that is driven by Stormy’s refusal to deny the need that she feels and Andre’s inability to resist her, they solve a murder and will try to come together… because driven like the winds before the storm, they have a love that is a force of nature unto itself.

A beautiful era piece, Stormy brings all the fire and independence of a modern woman to a setting that is dynamic in its layers. The passion of these two character sizzles off the page. Pages turn as you flip to see if they manage to resolve their issues and come together for a love that is timeless. In a few places the story dragged a bit with subplot that did little to drive the primary plot line, but altogether a wonderful story.

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