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ISBN #: 978-14268-9101-4
December 2010
Carina Press
356 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Delia repairs and preserves statuary. She is well known and good at her job, probably because she can communicate with the statues. She is the last of the Steward witches and this is the talent she inherited.

Grant is a very successful man. He turned his family’s failing business into a multimillion dollar corporation, but he is still basically a treasure hunter at heart. He is a magnetically attractive man.

As the last of the Steward witches, Delia is responsible for the family home and its contents, but has left that duty to her father while she pursued her career elsewhere. Her father was not the best caretaker of the estate and almost dies in a fire there. Without the funds to restore the house, she is forced to sell to Grant Wolverton. Fortunately, he wants to restore the estate and hires her to help. The fire was not an accident, and Delia must save the house and Grant from an evil who wants both the property and its new owner.

I just loved this story. Delia’s statues frequently steal scenes from the living characters, and they are both amusing and insightful by turns. Delia is a wonderful character who both uses and hides her talent at times. She is not very confident due to her parents’ and the world in general’s reactions to her conversations with inanimate objects. Grant is very self-confident, and I really enjoyed reading about the way he fell for Delia, fighting it most of the time. Cecily is an incredibly evil character and a lot of fun to hate. The plot of this story is gripping, and I was on the edge of my seat as to what would happen next. The author does a good job of building the suspense, and it was a real struggle not to skip to the end to find out what happens. I am very happy I did not, because I would have missed an extraordinary read.

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