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ISBN #: 9781590806842/9781590806852
May 2011
Echelon Press
127 Pages
Futuristic, Paranormal, Romance, Werewolf
Rating: 4 Cups

Joseph Marquand, a.k.a Lupe Guy, is a hunter on a vacation cut short by the demands of Triple-S and the hunt. His previous failure as a Triple-S man cost him that which he held dear; this time he’s determined to succeed.

The mission on the moon is more than it appears and just may solve more than one mystery. Candace is attracted to Joseph Marquand, but the mission comes first and she has her orders.

The base to which he is sent has more mysteries than Marquand can keep up with. That and his dreams of a love long dead keep him awake at night, not to mention Candace from Communications.

Marc Vun Kannon writes a werewolf story without making the creatures the main focus for the reader. The author offers a thorough futuristic world with the main location being the moon. Macquand is an interesting character, which would make for an excellent sequel or series because the character depth is so strong and deep. I found the mystery engrossing and often got lost in the story trying to figure it out. St Martin’s Moon is worth the read for the mystery, intense action and excellent character creation.

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