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ISBN# 9781906931162 / 9781906931698
September 2011
Choc Lit Limited
E Book
£ 7.99 (about $13.00 USD)
318 pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Skye Threppel doesn’t remember anything from the year of her car accident. Everything before it has been washed in mists and is lost to her without people like her best friend, Felix, filling in the blanks. Living a half life, excited only by the television show Fallen Skies, she has let the loss of her past color her present. Will she be able to face a conference full of strangers to meet the man who gives her a reason to wake up every morning?

Jay Whitaker, or Jack, remembers his past all too well. His previous sins have caused him to encase all of his emotions in a secure sheet of ice, leading to his nickname, Iceman. As the writer of the popular television show, Fallen Skies, he tries to work through the past using the cathartic therapy of writing. But will one woman, marked by scars inside and out, break through the ice?

While Skye is lured to America with the promise of meeting the show’s star, Gethryn, she is shoved again and again into Jack’s path. The two of them stumble through the conference, slowly realizing that scars on the surface are something like icebergs.... You might see the damage on the skin, but it hides greater wounds below the surface. Will they find a way to heal wounds neither has admitted to?

This book literally had me in tears and created quite the soft spot for the hero. Although it did get off to a somewhat slow start—reminiscent of an old car working to chug to life—once it got going it purred like the classic it proved to be. Honestly, I loved this book and it was well worth the slow start to make it to the edge-of-your seat finish.

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