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ISBN: 9780345510976
April 2010
Villard Books, a division of Random House Inc.
$14.00-USA/ $17.00-CAN
293 Pages
Fiction; Future Life
Rating: 5 Cups

Lucy Fisher has had a rough time of it lately. After a semi-nice vacation in Hawaii, she returns to find herself kicked out of her apartment, losing her job, and her fiancé has become her ex.

Alice Fisher allows her sister to move in with her and her nephew. She does not expect simply borrowing Lucy’s vehicle will change her life forever but that is exactly what happens.

Finding out you are dead is hard enough but realizing that she is not in “that happy place” makes Lucy feel even more miserable. When she gets the chance to go back as a ghost and figure out what is going on, Lucy figures it will be a quick job. But she soon realizes that her mission is not going to be all that easy, especially considering no one knows exactly what happened to Lucy. Can she complete her mission, clear her name, and give everyone some much needed closure?

Spooky Little Girl is an outstanding read that will have you laughing one moment and shaking your head at the antics of some pretty endearing ghosts. Ms. Notaro takes you on a journey that shows what certain spirits must go through to get to that happy place they all strive to reach. I love the way Lucy ends up bunking with her ghostly grandmother along with some very much alive characters, including her mortal enemy. The vindictive feelings I felt each time I read about her enemy’s actions have me convinced this is a powerful tale. It will leave you both happy and sad with an ending that continues the mixed feelings.

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