Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN #: 978-1-45369-611-8
July 2010
Night Publishing
Trade Paperback
332 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Detective Lucas Hudson's latest case is beyond the regular, frustrating because it has brought up some heavy memories from his past. A man who does not do relationships or commitment, he finds himself losing control of his emotions from the moment he lays eyes on Chelsea. Instead of remaining professional, he teeters between provocative and churlish yet he cannot remain aloof for long.

Chelsea Summerville may come from money, but she is determined to make a success of her shop with her own hard work. After her fiancé abruptly leaves her, she struggles with a wounded heart and when her best friend disappears, becomes embroiled in a nightmare. She goes to the police where she meets an incredibly sexy, incredibly infuriating man who makes her believe in love again.

A serial killer is abducting and torturing beautiful young women and when their bodies are found, the sadist has cut a message into their flesh. When Chelsea's best friend falls victim to the killer and another young woman goes missing, Lucas feels that Chelsea and the casualties have a lot in common. The murders continue, and Chelsea is now being stalked. Lucas and his partner become more and more frustrated with every impasse. Can Lucas stop a killer and protect the woman he loves to ensure they have a chance at a future together?

Joanne Ellis mires her readers in the scary drama of a deranged serial killer. This story has everything, romance and sadness, steamy sexual tension with one of the good guys, and a horrifying bad guy. Every character is well developed and entertaining to read about and see them develop. The fact that both Lucas and Chelsea have flaws and issues makes them both easy to relate to, and I found myself more and more invested in their relationship. My heart went out to the victims who did nothing other than fall for the wrong man. With each intimidating turn of events, I found the mystery to be more and more plausible. I would love to see Chelsea's sister get her very own adventure. The only issue I had was the resolution to the relationship for the main couple, without giving anything away, I just did not find Lucas's actions to be forgivable or believable. This is a first-class shuddery story, and I cannot wait to see what else Ms. Ellis has in store for her fans.

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