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ISBN #: 9781419942198
October 2012
Ellora’s Cave
$ 5.95
115 Pages
Urban Fantasy
Rating: 4 Cups

D.J. is a forty-something private investigator and has weak magic. She also has a pretty heavy drinking problem. She is a loner with few ties and no love life.

Bran is a battle mage with one more job before retirement. He is powerful in body and magic and scarred from many battles.

D.J. was just about to end her work week and start her weekly drinking binge when a battle mage in black leather strides into her office. Bran needs her help to destroy the demon, Oeilett. That demon almost destroyed Bran years ago. D.J. does not know how a less than young and beautiful investigator with minimal magic will be able to help, but her knowledge of the Nightside of Memphis is what Bran needs, or so he thinks.

This story is a bit different than the average paranormal romance. The characters are not young and beautiful, but more compelling than any young and beautiful couple. They are both pretty dysfunctional but strong willed and intelligent. Their explosive chemistry and very different backgrounds and lifestyles make for a fascinating roller coaster ride of a romance. Memphis’s Nightside is colorful and interesting in a dark way, and I would not mind spending a bit more time there in another story.

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