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ISBN: B0078T6751
February 10, 2012
Ravenous Romance
172 Pages
BDSM, Spanking
Rating: 4 Cups

His & Hers

No one holds down a tighter ship within the library than Veronica, but even she slips up once in a while.

The Dom in the house is most certainly Rick, and he has decided it is time to let his beautiful wife feel the same kind of power.

A stern look from Veronica is usually more than enough to curb any unsavory behavior in the library, but one young man tests her on a regular basis. She lets him get away with more than she should, but the punishment for her transgressions is well worth the price, and this time there is an even bigger bonus.

Vero and Rick have what any good relationship needs: trust, understanding, and a smoking hot sex life.

Designated Hitter

One thing led to another, and now Alan is involved in something he may need to back away from.

The games they play are tantalizing and fun, but Sadie and Tom are not sure if they are ready for the next step.

Alan has enjoyed his time with Sadie and Tom, but the frustration of it going no further is getting to him. He needs to get Tom more involved, or he will have to look for something else to fill up his Saturday evenings.

Alan is feeling like a third wheel in his games with Sadie and Tom, but it is fun to see how he turns the tables on this adventurous couple.

Glass Slippers

Opening night is almost here and Anna is well aware of the fact that she has not broken in her new shoes.

The sloppy outfit and old slippers put Jacob’s teeth on edge, but he has the perfect solution for Anna’s messy attire.

She knew what was coming the moment they were left alone, and the anticipation has nearly killed her. Jacob will get Anna’s new slippers broken in, and she will feel the effects for many hours to come.

The reader easily shares Anna’s eagerness, and when her “punishment” is doled out you can almost feel the burn.

Venus Callipige

The excitement that Colin Ackley feels about his new designs turns to anger within moments of arriving at work.

There is just something about the way the man carries himself that has Jules nearly throwing herself at him.

The last thing on Colin’s mind at the moment is sex, but what Jules proposes is something completely different. She is giving him the perfect outlet for his feelings, and it turns out to be exactly what he needs.

If all bad days could be turned around like this, we would all live much happier lives!

A Good Man is Hard to Find

No boyfriend has made Cindy feel quite like she does with Howard.

The zombie video game really gets Howard in the mood, and this time he has a couple of new toys to share with Cindy.

It is hard not to roll her eyes, but Cindy is secretly thrilled with the effort Howard puts into their playtime. Some people may think what they do is a little strange, but it works for them.

Ancient paddles, ball gags, and zombie games may seem like an odd combination, but naughty and fun is what this story is all about.

Little Boys

She has a reputation to live up to, and it will not do for Mistress to let this slide.

He knows he is not the only one to benefit from his Mistress’s hand, but Hugo is pretty sure he is her favorite.

The things that Hugo has said cannot go unanswered, and Mistress looks forward to taking him down a few notches. Hugo is ready to take his punishment, but is Mistress ready for what will come next?

Bad boys are so much more fun, and thank goodness Hugo has been a very bad boy!

My Slutty Little Girl

She lives too far away for them to be together all that often, so she makes the most of every single moment with him.

He knows what she wants, but it is a whole lot more fun to make her wait.

They have only a short amount of time before she has to go, so he wants to make this time count. In the end they will both get exactly what they crave.

The waiting only makes her want it more, and every moment of anticipation makes this story just that much hotter.

An Incentive for Penny

New jobs are always nerve wracking, and losing a contract has made Penny even more so.

Disciplinary action is never a fun task, but in this case Ms. Chambers is looking forward to it.

Penny is a bundle of nerves going into Ms. Chamber’s office, but she is floored by what transpires. Her boyfriend Scott is a close friend of Ms. Chambers, and they have something quite unique in mind for Penny’s reprimand.

This story gives a whole new meaning to being put in the “hot seat”.

The Upper Hand

She is looking online for a submissive, but Miranda is not quite sure she is ready to take the next step.

Bart can sense her unease, but he is confident this is what she needs.

The responses to her post are not quite what Miranda is looking for except for one. Will’s email is brief and to the point, and Miranda has a feeling this may be the man she has been looking for. Bart is a little less enthusiastic, but as events progress; he realizes that Miranda made the right choice.

It would take a very strong man to give his girl this kind of gift, and it makes for one deliciously hot read.

On Switch

She has known for a long time what makes him tick, but Lucy still has to be very careful how she handles things.

Lucy is the only person Caleb can be himself with, and yet the shame is still there.

Lucy allows Caleb in, knowing exactly why he is here and what he wants, but she has to let him do it in his own time. She wants more, however, and maybe this will be the day she gets it.

Sometimes the people we are closest to feel the furthest away, and it is obvious that Caleb needs to open his eyes and realize what he has right in front of him.

The First Weekend

The drifting apart in her marriage is something that has started to worry Miriam.

Andrew is not quite a clueless as he is sure Miriam thinks he is, and he is about to do something to shake things up.

Listening to her friend Claire talk about having an affair has Miriam worried about her own marriage, but she has no idea what Andrew has in store. A weekend away could be the first step to feeling closer to his wife, but Andrew has much more planned than just a romantic hotel room.

If you are feeling that your marriage is getting a little dull and lifeless, take a page from Andrew’s book, and get cracking!

The Unfair Maidens

They have put up with this long enough, and Cindy decides to make a stand.

He has come along to slay the dragon and save the princess, but it is Lance who will need the saving.

Saving princesses is all in a day’s work for Lance, but this day is about to get turned on its ear. The princesses are fed up with all of the idiot knights like Lance with their love ‘em and leave ‘em mentality, and this time they are the ones who will be doing the slaying.

A naughty tongue-in-cheek spoof on the classic princess tale is what you get with this fun little read.

The Birthday Boy’s Punishment

Now that he is eighteen Jared is hoping to get his fantasies fulfilled.

The outlandish behavior reaches a new peak and Mr. Winters needs to take matters into hand.

Fantasizing about his teacher has kept Jared occupied for quite some time, but this is his birthday, and he wants reality not fantasy.

Who has not had a steamy daydream or two during a long boring day? Jared, however, takes his to a whole new level.


Her muse is a gorgeous male specimen, and Martha is ready to wring his neck.

He helps her write about sex in the most graphic and passionate detail, but Alexander wants more.

How he can just up and leave whenever Martha needs him the most has happened for the last time. She is not going to put up with it again, but it seems Alex has other ideas as well.

Who can resist a man with a backside this delectable? Apparently not Martha or the reader.

Professor Kent’s Book Club

He came to the office with a whole list of achievements he wants to share, but Richard gets an education instead.

Professor Kent has a special way of dealing with his wayward students, and he thinks that maybe it is time Richard see for himself.

Richard’s litany is cut off when Professor Kent’s student enters the room, and he barely breathes again until she leaves. He never imagined anything like this out of Professor Kent, but he is very glad he has been educated once again.

You never know what lurks behind the mildest of demeanors, and this is just a small glimpse into that unknown.

A Cure for Excess

It is embarrassing to admit why her boyfriend left her, but Shannon has to tell someone.

Rebecca and Jesse know a great way to help Shannon get some relief from her problems.

Shannon cannot believe Rebecca and Jesse are serious, but there is no way she is turning them down. A week with these two is just what the doctor ordered, but it could easily become habit forming.

Good friends are always there to lend a helping hand, or paddle as the case may be.

Dorm Room

Physics is seriously kicking Omar’s butt, and he has to pass this test or risk flunking the class.

She is well known to many of the students as an excellent tutor, but Alannah has her own special way of teaching.

When he opened the door, Omar was at first disappointed, but he got over that in a real hurry. He never would have guessed what lay beneath Alannah’s prim and proper exterior, and just how much he needs the focus she helps him achieve.

I love how Omar learns to empty his mind of all the extraneous garbage, and with Alannah’s helping hand, his success is guaranteed.

The Roll-top desk

When she watches him struggle over every word, it is hard to keep her thoughts to herself.

Writing poetry can be an excruciating process, but for him it is all worth it in the end.

Her method of writing is so different from his, but that does not give her the right to interfere or interrupt him, nor does she want to. He will get through it in his own time, and when she reads for him, it will be well worth the wait.

Understanding and compromise are key to making any relationship work, and it is apparent these two have what it takes to balance each other out.

From beginning to end and “top to bottom” every one of these stories is sexy and entertaining. There are a few that I especially enjoyed like His & Hers, The First Weekend, and The Roll-top desk, but all of them are great reads. Each story has its own unique take on spankings, and could inspire all sorts of interesting fantasies to float around in your head. And that is exactly what is so great about stories like these.

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