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ISBN# Unavailable
July 2009/August 2011
Red Rose Publishing/The Wild Rose Press
E Book
75 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Kari Pierce is used to keeping secrets. Even her sister does not know Kari is a werewolf. As a private investigator, she uses her senses to help solve cases, and she keeps her private life private. She has never wanted more until she meets Nick.

Nick Murdock is an FBI agent wrapping up a case in a small town when he meets Kari. He knows she is keeping something from him, but he does not know what it is.

When Kari and Nick meet, she feels a pull toward him that she has never felt before. She wants to tell him everything, but she knows she cannot. She can only enjoy the occasional one-night stand, otherwise she must be alone. Nick wants more time with Kari, but she pushes him away. He knows her excuses are all lies, but he cannot convince her to tell him the truth.

Soul Mate is a great read! I enjoyed Ms. Bybee’s approach, having the female shifting forms instead of the male. I also enjoyed the history behind her shifting abilities. The details were explained well and the story was easily believable. The characters were well written, and I liked their interaction with each other, as well as their inner thoughts, especially those of Kari. This book is one you will definitely not want to pass up.

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