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ISBN: 9781597059923 Paperback / 9781597054355 eBook
June 2009
Wings ePress, Inc.
Paperback / eBook
$12.95 Paperback / $6.00 eBook
352 Pages
Futuristic Romance / Sci-Fi
Rating: 4 Cups

Her name is Tasita, and she is one of the six remaining Guardians not slain in the rebellion against the High Empress on their planet. She must survive any way she can as soldiers hunt for her brethren, eliminating them one at a time.

Heddam is a trader, a group known for their love for a good fight yet who are loyal and honest. Standing over seven feet tall, most stay out of his way or chance a meeting that could end badly for them.

Heddam saves Tasi from certain death and questions himself as to why he would help. There is something about the sensual Guardian that speaks to him, making him want to protect her with his very life. Tasi knows Heddam means well, but she cannot have his life or blood on her hands. Betraying him may be the only way to keep him safe, and she will do whatever it takes to fulfill her destiny, even if it means death.

Soul of a Guardian is a great story full of undiscovered worlds and adventure through space. Heddam is this giant of a man who wants only to protect Tasi, a woman who has a destiny that is unclear even to her. As the heroine, she is very strong, and I love how Ms. Verdenius has depicted her with an iron will that fights for the right of her planet even though there is danger wherever she turns. This is a truly great story that will pull the reader in quickly and hold on throughout the book.

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