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Hard to Get Series

Some Like It Rough (Anthology) - Connecting Novella
Book 1: So Sensitive

Hard to Get Series, Book 1
ISBN# 9780758239006
July 2011
Kensington Publishing Corporation
Aphrodisia Trade Paperback
256 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

After a day of working two jobs, dealing with an alcoholic father, and most recently an increasingly creepy secret admirer, Gracie Baron has little room in her life for anything else. She would love to have the freedom to date and have fun, especially with a certain someone, but with the baggage she hauls around, who would want her?

The fiery little red-head working for Cherry is turning Wade Harrison’s already healthy libido into a raging inferno. For two months he has tried to convince her to go out with him, and she turns him down every time, but Wade is nothing if not persistent.

Seeing Gracie in tears is the last straw for Wade, and he makes up his mind then and there that he is going to find out what is weighing on her heart and what he can do to help. His good intentions are a step too late, and when Gracie ends up in the hospital, it is all he can do not to go into a rage that someone deliberately tried to hurt her. Gracie has never met a man like Wade, and his intensity not only scares her but makes her want him more than her next breath. Wade and Gracie have an overwhelming need to be in each other’s arms, but with a stalker on the loose, things could turn deadly if they do not stay focused.

If you are ready to be blissed out by some of the most sensual sex scenes in writing, you need only to pick up this book and start reading. Wade is a modern day version of Gracie’s knight in shining armor, but never fear; she is no shrinking violet. She may be a little inexperienced compared to Wade, but she is no less enthusiastic, and even when she submits, it never comes across as a forced or pressured act. Their little forays into bondage and spanking are done very lightly, and is always much more teasing and playful than serious BDSM.

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