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ISBN: (13)9780981608730/ 0981608736
July 2009
The Story Plant
$19.95 (US) $23.00 (CAN)
160 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Liza Wakefield had a future as a famous ballerina, but she knew that family must come first and gave up her dreams of dancing to take care of her daughter. As her daughter begins to grow into a beautiful child, Liza lives her dream of dancing through the continued training and dancing of her daughter.

Garrison Wakefield was known as an amazing artist, a painter who brought new life to paintings and gave them a fresh 3-D look. But with Liza and their daughter by his side, he knew that with the new family came new responsibilities. So his paintings were pushed aside for more lucrative employment that would help pay the bills.

Now, their sixteen year old daughter, Angel, is on the brink of being the next exceptional dancer in the family. Until the day a tragic accident brings life and death closer to the Wakefields than they ever expected. Liza and Garrison both deal with their grief in a different way, one that threatens to destroy their already taut marriage and break it up for good. Will they be able to pull together from what is considered a parent’s worst nightmare as their faith in God, love, marriage, life, and hope is tested in the most horrific way possible?

Song of Renewal brings about the “what if” factor of any relationship or marriage. Ms. Harvey shows us what can happen when tragedy strikes and the effect it has on everyone. With a family that has tension already to the point of breaking, this realistic and terrifying story will have you wanting to hold onto your loved ones for dear life. This emotional roller coaster will have you on the edge of your seat, near tears, holding your breath, and so much more as you hope and pray for the best outcome possible. A must read book for anyone doing a little soul searching and it will empower you to find what you are looking for.

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