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ISBN: 9781419936906
December 20, 2011
Ellora’s Cave
217 Pages
Science Fiction, Contemporary, BDSM, Paranormal
Rating: 4 Cups

Captain of Nara’s Heart

Sitting in a jail cell and waiting to be sold as a sex slave is not how Nara Burns envisioned her future.

His miscalculation of his heat cycle could very well mean his life, if Captain Cathian Vellar cannot find a suitable woman. He needs to find her, and he needs to find her now.

Nara knew captaining a trade ship could be dangerous, but apparently she was not careful enough, and now she must pay the price. She has been sold to a man who needs her for only six days, but neither Nara nor Cathian is prepared for what those days will bring.

Being locked away for six days with a man as sexy and primal as Cathian does not seem much of a hardship, and I am sure you will be just as smitten as Nara is with her dangerous kitty after reading their story.

Dragon Heat

When her parents were murdered, Grace Macintosh’s life was torn apart, and trust has always been a scarce commodity.

It has taken years and plenty of resources, but Benson Marres has finally found the woman who can save his race.

Hooking up with the Paranormal Detective Agency has finally given Grace a sense of normality and family, but everything she knows is once again going to be blown apart. Benson is not the monster she has been sent to capture or kill, instead he could be the only person left on the planet who can save her.

Treachery and deceit shatter Grace’s world, but her white knight comes with a few scales, and you are going to love every one of them, just as much as she does.

Dangerous Addiction

The city was the only place Cord Jamieson could make a name for himself, but those days are finally over, and this ranch is his dream come true.

Every moment she spends in his presence, Fallon Crowe can feel herself weakening, and the submissive in her is screaming for release.

Cord took one look at Fallon, and knew he had found a woman whose nature would be the perfect complement to his own. He has never been able to deny his Dom personality, but the years of meaningless play are getting old, and he looks forward to something more real. Fallon is terrified of falling back into the hole her ex put her in, but Cord is nothing like Brian, and if she can get over her fear, he could be the best thing that ever came her way.

The sparks sizzle along your skin as you watch Cord and Fallon test the waters of their relationship. I, for one, would love to see this story continue, and see just how far and high Cord can make Fallon fly.

Highland Tryst

To say she has bad luck with men is sadly a huge understatement for Kari Howard. Why it is so hard to find a faithful and sweet guy is a question that seems unanswerable for her.

His death is a welcome relief after witnessing the annihilation of his entire clan, but there is more in store for Laird Finley MacClintock.

Praying for a fantasy hero to drop at her feet seems a bit much to expect, but that is exactly what happens for Kari. She literally trips over the man of her dreams, but reality is something she cannot ignore. Fin has lost everything, but what he stands to gain could eclipse everything he could ever dream of.

Sweet and spicy are what come to mind when you encounter Kari and Fin. Their hearts are laid bare, and their story a pleasure to read.

Tattoo Witch

As much as he loves Anita, Sam Quinn cannot help but wish for a little more.

The shy and somewhat self-conscience Anita Brooke knows her boyfriend wants more, but she is not quite sure if she is capable of providing it.

Sam tries to engage Anita in a little more spice when it comes to sex, but the reception he gets is not positive. He will do anything to get her in the mood, and unfortunately there is someone out there who is willing to grant his wish. Anita and Sam embark on a perilous journey to heat up their sex life, but what they find could cost them everything.

The old adage of be careful what you wish for comes through in spades for Sam and Anita. It is interesting to see how they must overcome each new challenge, and how it changes them as a couple.

The Addiction

If there were a prize given to the worst stripper in history, Shelli Rodgers would be ranked number one.

When you have made more money than you can ever spend, and reached every goal that you ever hoped to attain, where does that leave you? This is the question that plagues John Calder daily.

Six more months is all Shelli needs to keep her job as a stripper, but it is not to be. She is so bad, it is costing the club to keep her on stage, but what John sees has his heart taking notice. Shelli cannot quite believe someone like John would be interested in her, but for John, Shelli is the only woman that has stirred his soul in a way that millions of dollars and hundreds of women have failed to do.

The romance between Shelli and John is as startlingly sexy as it is sweet. It takes a real man who is willing to change his entire life to become the person he needs to be, and John is unquestionably that man.

Each of these romances has something a little different, but all are engaging and exciting. I love the diversity of characters, back grounds, and levels of intimacy in each of these stories. I would have to say my favorite couple is Cord and Fallon, but there is something in each story that sparks the imagination. It is not often you get such a mélange of great writers, and I hope you take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to get a taste of their skill.

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