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ISBN #: 9781935817239/ 9781935817246
October 2010
Turquoise Morning Press
eBook/ Print
$2.99/ $10.99
139 Pages
Anthology, short stories, paranormal, fiction/general, sweet romance
Rating: 3 Cups

An Unhaunted House by Lozi Hart

Mandy is a reporter for Haunted America magazine, and as her stay at a purportedly possessed venue comes to a close, she worries that being unable to give her readers what they are looking for will cause her to lose her job.

A Trick for a Treat by Keri Ford

Kelly is in the midst of preparing for her special annual Halloween party when her ex, David, returns to town. How can she concentrate on throwing her best gathering ever when all she can think about is him?

Dracula's Bath by J.W. Keleher

Viocu and his younger brother, Petra, must prepare a bath that is neither too hot nor too cold for Dracula. This may not sound like a difficult task, but their bather is reluctant and has no problem dispatching employees who displease him.

Masked Souls by Tonya Kappes

It is time to play dress up for her high school reunion Halloween dance, and Payton cannot wait for her former classmates to see her new look. She has lost a hundred pounds, and she is determined to shine.

A Witcherly Challenge by Maddie James

Jade is the oldest student in her class, and she has only one last chance to advance to the next level of her life. She has a task to perform, and if she fails, she will not graduate or be welcomed into her clan.

Fireside by J.W. Keleher

A wise old man tells an eerie tale while sitting around the campfire in this very short tale. He weaves a bone chilling narrative about his encounter with some truly surprising individuals.

The Dragon Keeper by Janet Eaves

A heartbroken and drunken man finds his salvation in a magical woman who appears in his rundown apartment.

A Piece of her Soul by Magdalena Scott

Jacqueline has moved to Indiana in hope of a brand new start and she finds herself searching for the key to her neighbor Matt's true happiness by using her special gift.

Finders Seekers by Jennifer Johnson

Catherine is a finder of lost things, and Garland cannot believe what he has found when he walks into his office and discovers her there, completely naked.

This is a diverse collection of short, uncanny tales perfect for Halloween or around a campfire. The subject matter ranges from the fanciful to the funny, from the eerie to the erotic and from the sweet to the startling. The anthology can be read one story at a time or all at once depending on the mood of the reader. The variety is sure to contain something for almost everyone's taste. I rather enjoyed most of the very quick reads, and I think fans of compilations will like this one.

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