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ISBN#: 9781604353266
April 2009
Red Rose Publishing
149 Pages
Mainstream Romance; Contemporary; Interracial/Multicultural
Rating: 3 Cups

Jaleena Falcon owns Nothing Too Old, a store full of used treasures other people do not want. Growing up, her mother took her on a weekly trip to garage and yard sales to find great bargains and the lessons stuck.

Cage Harrison owns a plumbing business with his godfather River. He is at dinner with his ex-girlfriend when he gets a call about a frantic shop owner needing help immediately.

Walking into the store, Cage is furious to see the beautiful shop owner being manhandled by her brother. Coming to the rescue, he quickly defuses the situation and gets Jaleena’s plumbing in order before her grand opening. It is not long before things heat up and they end up in bed together. But their happiness does not last long as Jaleena’s brother and Cage’s ex-girlfriend plot to break up the happy couple using any means necessary even if it means death.

Something Pumping was hard to get into at first; I felt as if the writing was forced. Ms. Rochelle has a good story that has some qualities in it making it a fun and sexy read, but it was just good not great. The beginning of the tale was very choppy and not very smooth and it is not until after the first fifty pages that the story became easier to get into. I do love the ending, which had me smiling and sighing with a happy and giddy feeling.

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