Coffee Time Romance & More




October 2011
Self Published
95 Pages
Romance, Gay Romance, Gay Male Erotica
Rating: 4 Cups

Each day gets harder than the last for Michael Maguire, and he is beginning to fear he will never feel happiness again. His marriage to Frannie is torture, a feeling that is mutual, he is quite sure, and his kids barely acknowledge him, but he has no clue how to change any of it.

Once a rent boy, always a rent boy, but for James Campbell, he knows there is little else he is qualified for. School was a nightmare, and working for his mum or dad would never pay the bills, so it was an easy decision to make at the time.

With all of the talk at work about finding a little something on the side, Michael cannot deny how appealing it would be to enjoy just one night of freedom. His foray into adultery, however, is not quite as cut and dried as he would believe, and before the night is out, his whole world is spinning. The thought of being with a man was nothing more than a curiosity for Michael until he meets James, and now, even contemplating resuming his old life is abhorrent. James has so much difficulty believing in himself, it is nearly impossible for him to recognize that Michael is the real deal, and that for the first time ever his life could actually be good.

As much as the thought of adultery is detestable, I truly adore Michael. All he needs is someone to love him as much as he deserves, and with his wife it is apparent that was never going to be possible. The unspeakable acts that both men endured as children would stunt anyone emotionally, but for James and Michael those wounds may actually be able to heal. If you are not afraid of some very sexy man loving and truly heartfelt emotion from two wonderfully flawed men then this is a must read.

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