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ISBN#: 9780061735028/9780061735035/9780061978500/
March 2011
Hardcover/ Trade Paperback/ eBook
208 Pages
Biography; Memoirs
Rating: 4 Cups

Lisa Kogan is forty-nine years old. She has lived a most interesting life full of humor, disasters, and twists.

There is her daughter Julia Claire who has turned her life upside down as Lisa struggles to give her the perfect party. Another player in Lisa’s life is her husband Johannes who lives eight thousand miles away so he can share custody of his son with his ex.

Lisa is looking back on her life. Like her first and only dinner party that ended with her company having certain areas being singed. She also remembers times of regret such as when the AIDS virus struck close to her heart in 1994. Lisa thinks back to the dorkiness of being with Johannes such as the time spent on the roof during New Year’s Eve. She also talks about what is considered gauche as far as personal grooming goes. Throughout it all Lisa uses a voice full of humor to tell her story.

Someone Will Be with You Shortly is a book full of funny situations, outrageous circumstances, and hilarious outcomes. I like the way Lisa Kogan talks about her life with a voice that seems to be dripping with sarcasm as well as a touch of a whimsical remembrance. The stories throughout this book give us a chance to look back into her life and see how ordinary and yet extraordinary she is as we compare her trials to our own. It gives us a chance to see just how full and interesting her life is. I did enjoy reading it, which can be attested by laughter that constantly burst out of my mouth at different intervals.

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